There is a graceful Idol of Goddess Vindhyawasini in the courtyard of the temple. The idol is made of black stone. It is five feet higher and three feet wide. Goddess Vindhyawasini's Idol is riding on the lion, the symbol of power and fearlessness. According to the chronological point of view, the present statue is seemed to be two thousand years old.

King Harshvardhan (610-650), the last Indian emperor also visited Vindhyachal and worshipped Goddess Vindhyawasini. According to "Harsh Charit" by Baan Bhatt, when Harshvardhan's sister "Rajya Shree" tried to be "Sati", the king Harsha with the help of his friend "Baudh Divakar" saved the life of his sister. They both worshipped in the temple.

Historical facts

Historical facts prove that in the 7th BC "Yashovermana", the king of Kannauj worshipped here and received the grace of Goddess Vindhyawasini in form of victory over Bihar & Bengal province. It is said that he offered "Bali" in the temple. In the 13th century queen "Uddaval" of Gaharwal reconstructed the temple. Sometime Gaharwal dynasty ruled over this region. They constructed so many palaces and ponds. The present "Kantit Gram" has been the capital of Gaharwal's.

The chronicle facts tell that once the army of frantic Aurangzeb was returning from the victory over Bihar province, the army also defeated the king of Kantit state, and tried to damage the temple of Goddess Vindhyawasini. Meanwhile numberless "Bhaurey" attacked on the mughal army and the army couldn't make any harm to the temple.

In the light of above said historical event, we can say that the present temple of Goddess Vindhyawasini is 2500 years old. Still today Mata Rani provide health, wealth and emancipation to his true devotees.